Everyone is gearing up, especially your competitors, and there’s much to prepare for the upcoming holiday season: marketing campaigns, timely communications, promotions, server scaling, inventory updating, distribution planning, and more.

Plus, making time for your own family and friends!

Compared to everyday website visitors, most holiday shoppers differ in a few key ways:

❄ They are predisposed to spend more ❄ Many are shopping for someone other than themselves ❄ Deals are everywhere and price comparison is rampant ❄ They are incredibly fickle and will bounce at the first sign of inefficiency ❄ They are often on a time crunch to receive their items before a certain date

And with every holiday season breaking all-time records of sales and online spending, the opportunities seem too vast, while also short-lived, to grasp.

But opportunities seized during the holidays don’t have to end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a potentially year-round relationship you don’t want to miss out on by focusing solely on this small, fiercely competitive window of time.

This year, it’s all about the long game.

Let’s consider a few additional holiday phenomena to tap into:

❄ A massive influx of entirely new visitors enter your site, representing a once-in-a-year opportunity like no other for new business. ❄ Visitors have their family, friends, colleagues, communities, and other social circles to care for, creating a shopping experience uniquely independent of their own.

Do you already have a strategy for catering to and nurturing these new visitors?

In this guide, we’ll share advice on how to seamlessly onboard new guests, deliver effective messaging and employ loyalty-inspiring tactics to help you convert the new wave of holiday shoppers into frequent visitors, repeat purchasers, and brand advocates.